Rams for Sale

Tamarack Lamb & Wool is a leading supplier of genetics for forage-based and pasture-based sheep production systems.  Our Tamarack rams are utilized in a wide variety of ways, from Terminal sires on Western ewes, Finn Cross commercial ewes, and hair sheep, to being used as maternal sires on Western ewes, or Finn Crosses where milk, and maternal ability on grass is valued along with excellent carcass quality.  The Tamarack works great with the Dorset in hot house production systems as well.

Tamarack Prolific rams with one or two copies of the Booroola B gene (or F for fecundity) are well-suited to both highly managed grazing programs, as well as more intensive lamb production systems where a high degree of prolificacy is desired.

Tamarack rams are available year round, with the best supply being available from December through June of the following year (as yearlings).

Prices for Tamarack rams range from $700 to $1500.

Demand for Tamarack Prolific rams tends to exceed supply so you want to get your order in early (before December of the year).  Most rams available for sale are B+ genotypes.  Typically there is only one or two BB rams made available for sale each year.  At this time (2016) semen is not available.

Prices for Tamarack Prolific rams range from $900 to $2500.


As we understand buyers prefer to travel during warmer weather, I am willing to hold rams until September 1st so you can pick up your ram at your convenience.  To do this the buyer pays a deposit of $250 to hold the ram for 30 days.  The remaining balance can be paid if the ram will stay beyond 30 days after the deposit, and I then will hold your ram up until September 1st unless special arrangements have otherwise been made for transport.

Transport to the East and West coasts is made available once per year.  Typically, the East Coast occurs in the spring, and the West Coast transport occurs in the fall.  Usual pricing of a transport is $250 per ram, but may vary slightly depending upon the number of animals on the trip.  Discounts are available for those purchasing multiple rams.

How to Reserve Your Ram:

To purchase rams please request a copy of our sales list by

Email: janet@tamaracksheep.com

or call me at: 320-336-9071

For a current list of rams for sale check out the 2016 sales list and data.

For more information on our genetic selection check out Genetic Selection at Tamarack Lamb & Wool.