2016 ram sales list and data

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I am pleased to present for sale the following rams.  If you wish your own copy and cannot print from this page,  I am happy to either email you this information or send you a hard copy via mail.  Click on the images to view the content more clearly. 

Lambplan data on the rams for sale in 2016.  Click on the data to enlarge

2015 non booroola rams data

              Rams for sale in 2016.  Click on the list to enlarge

2016 sales list as of May 1 2016 jpegestimated breeding value definitions click image for clearer image

estimated breeding values saved in paint




  1. Hi Janet,
    Good to see your progress in your sheep flock. I gave up on the Suffolk breed because of the “Hollywood”
    direction that was taken in the breed – meatless wonders is one term I use and personal decisions with my family. I reside in South Dakota about nine miles southwest of Newell. My wife and I are aiding her aging mom. Would you think it practical to raise Tamarack sheep here? Would you sell a few ewes with the Booroola gene? I saw your list of rams. Prices??

    Are you still working at the Pine City Vo-Tech?
    Keep up your good work!

    Steve Gilmore
    12776 Ericson Rd
    Nisland, SD 57762

    1. Author

      Hi Steve, yes we have people raising our sheep in the Dakotas as well as many other states from coast to coast. They seem to adapt well. That said, they are bred for pasture performance, and may get a little too fat for some heavy grain fed operations, but in those cases people are using our genetics primarily as a maternal line.

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