Selling 60 foundation quality bred ewes

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Representing 38 years of performance based selection with an emphasis on grass based performance for the past 26 years.

This is a rare and unique opportunity.  38 years of breeding with a steadfast goal using balanced estimated breeding values for maternal performance, growth, and carcass quality.  In 1991 I pulled out all the crutches that can hide the true genetic ability, and let the sheep show me what they can do on pasture.  No creep feeder, no lambing jug, no grain.  Infusions of Ile de France from Ireland, and UK sired Dorsets from KbarK helped add muscle, growth, and maternal ability.  In addition I closed the ewe flock and worked toward high health status.

 This is a stud ram producing flock selling 30+ $1000++ rams every year with an exceptional amount of growth and muscle.  Also, 26 years of selection for ewes that lamb on pasture, with just ONE lambing check per day, in a mob stock grazing system, has selected our ewes to be superb mothers.  This combined with our objective performance based selection using lambplan (The Tamarack flock has been on an official performance evaluation system since 1985), means that Tamarack ewes have a very unique combination of Milk, Mothering, Growth, and Muscle.  Additionally we are told by many commercial producers that our lambs have more get up and go, and higher lamb survival rates.

In addition to rigorous selection, I tested and culled ewes with OPP from the flock with the fourth whole flock negative test back in 1991.  We are participating in the Export Certification program, and I exported my first ram (to the Dominican Republic) in 2016.  The flock is free of foot rot and foot scald.  Rams were turned in December 18th and the ewes are expected to begin lambing May 15th.
All ewes were preg tested on March 5th, and only the ewes that tested pregnant are offered for sale.

Please note that the ewes are priced in groups of 5.    I will also entertain offers to purchase the entire flock of 45, 50, or 55 depending upon whether the buyer desires to have the 45 Tamarack ewes along with the 5 Tamarack Prolific, and the 5 naturally colored ewes, or wishes to just purchase the 45 Tamarack ewes only.   I recommend that those who make an offer for the whole group indicate as a second choice, which group(s) they wish to buy should I decide to spit up the flock.   Offers must be in writing and received by March 25th.  I will make my final Decision on April 1st and the ewes must be moved off the farm by April 15th.  Payment will be by good check if buying one group, or by wire transfer for larger purchases.

I will be retaining an additional 40 ewes here at the farm.  My arthritic back is forcing the flock reduction.

My email is

My mailing address is:

Janet W McNally, 31077 county hwy 61, Hinckley, MN 55037

If you wish to call me to discuss the ewes, the best time to call is after 1pm.

You may find some photos of the flock here:

Click on the data for each group for a better view:

please note: some people are asking why the NLW (Numbers of lambs weaned) is negative on most of the ewes.  The reason for this is that we also have in the flock Tamarack Prolific’s, these are ewes with the Booroola gene that regularly drop 285% lamb crop.  They are compared side by side with the ewes that do not have the Booroola gene.  So the Booroola ewes tend to have positive numbers, and the non Booroola ewes tend to have negative numbers.


TOP Pemd (loin eye muscle depth) ewes with equally strong
maternal weaning weights and good growth.







TOP Pemd (loin eye muscle depth) ewes








TOP ewes based upon Tamarack index






TOP ewes based upon
Tamarack index





TOP ewes based upon
Tamarack index





TOP ewes based upon
Tamarack index









Ewes ranked on

Tamarack index





Ewes ranked on
Tamarack index







Some good ewes but missing Data






Ewes    GROUP J

Naturally colored Tamarack