A worthy cause

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I wish to stop talking about my farm and talk about a very worthy cause in a place far from here.  Dr. Emmanuel Sarikiael is a young veterinarian in Tanazania.   While we tend to take transportation for granted here in North America,  Dr. Sarikiael walks or rides a bike to visit his farmers.  As you can imagine this greatly reduces the number of farmers he can visit, as well as prevents him from responding quickly in the event of an emergency.  Just imagine if veterinary care required that your vet first walk or ride a bicycle to your farm!   Dr. Sarikiael is an enthusiastic educator, sharing with his farmers information that improves their standard of care for their livestock.  Recently he participated in an animal welfare course put on by the Meru Animal Welfare Organization.   When I found out how far Dr. Sarikiael was riding and walking to take care of animals, I realized how this was greatly impeding his ability to do his work.  I also realized  that I should be able to raise enough money to purchase a motorcycle and some basic equipment (such as a cooler for vaccines) so that he could serve his community better.  So I set up a go-fund-me page on Dr. Sarikiael’s behalf.  Please follow the link below to learn more about Dr. Sarikiael, and the details of the fund raiser.  Your donation will do more than just help this veterinarian get around, it helps an entire community, and benefits the welfare of the families who depend upon livestock for their livelihood.  Wheels for Emmanuel

Update:  Our campaign was successful!  while we did not raise all the funds I was hoping to, we did at least, raise just enough to purchase a motorcycle.  Emmanuel's new motorcycle side view

Emmanuel's new motorcycle front view

Emmanuel is now able to visit his clients in a much more timely manner.  His gratitude is humbling.  Thank you to all that donated to make this possible.

Photo below is Emmanuel giving thanks:

Emmanuel giving thanks