2016 rams for sale!

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Introducing the 2016’s continuing our improvements in muscle, growth, and milk!  The Tamarack flock has been selected on objective performance based criteria since 1979!  our loin eye and fat depth information is derived from ultrasounding every single lamb in the flock.  As a result we have the unique combination of milk, growth, and muscle.  Our data is processed by Lambplan in Australia, and represents within flock EBVs.

DATA for 2016 rams. 

To view the estimated breeding values more clearly,  please double click on image

Sales list for rams born May/June 2016.

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Average values for 2016

Over time the average breeding values for each trait increases (or decreases in the case of fat).  To evaluate the above information it is helpful to know where the average animal in our flock stands.  Keep in mind, our average lamb for muscle, is considerably higher, than the average in sheep not selected by direct measurement.

Here are our EBV averages for 2016 along with a bar chart showing our progress.

mwwt = 1.27

* this includes many lambs valued at 0 that are sired by an outside ram KbarK1005. As  NSIP and Lambplan do not share the same data base the KbarK data on 1005 did not transfer.  I Fully expect this to go up dramatically once the daughters lamb as the sire (KbarK1005) is in the top 4% of Dorset rams on NSIP for mwwt! I will share the bar chart once we have all the data in.  Incidentally KbarK is also in the top 2% of NSIP Dorset rams for post weaning growth, and in the top 1% for pemd (eye muscle depth).  For comparison, kbark1005 ebvs within my flock using lambplan are wwt = 7.51, pwwt= 11.24, pemd = 1.58, and pfat = +.37

wwt = 7.0

pwwt = 10.0

pemd = 1.1

pfat = -.86



Please contact me if you have any questions.  by phone 320 336 9071 or by email janet@tamaracksheep.com

Click on photos for larger image. All rams have a patch of wool shorn on the back over the last 2 ribs for ultra sound. This makes the back look poor but give us a more accurate reading.  All rams have nice straight tops.  Rams were 100% pasture fed until January, and have been fed grass hay + 1/2 lb of oats and protein pellet since then.


6004 and 6022






6030 and 6058


6026 and 6105



6034 6004  6022


6063 and 6022




6005 and 6112



rams sired by kbark1005

rams sired by kbark1005

rams sired by kbark1005